26. How Rewriting Stories from the Past can Transform your Life

In the latest episode of the Radically Embody Love Podcast, co-hosts Jessica Falcon and Nasrin Barbic talk with special guest Ronna Detrick about how rewriting stories from the past can transform our lives - whether these be individual or archetypal stories.  Tune in to discover:

*  How Ronna went from being deeply embedded in religion since a child - including receiving a Master's in Divinity and marrying a pastor - to rewriting the stories of women from the Bible 

*  The power of questioning WHY we believe what we do 

*  How the stories of the past continue to affect our worldview today, including how we feel about ourselves, our voices, and our self-worth 

*  Why reframing the stories of women who have come before can not only transform our own lives, but also bring ancient wisdom into our lives now

*  When we understand the beliefs and stories of the past, we have the power to choose differently instead of thinking, "This is just the way it is." 

... and so much more.


About Ronna Detrick:  Ronna left the church and religion nearly twenty years ago but took the stories of women with her, longing for them to be seen, heard, and honored apart from doctrine and dogma. She gave a provocative TEDx presentation on an Eve who inspires and empowers women instead of shaming and silencing them.  She is the author of "Rewriting Eve: Rescuing Women's Stories from the Bible and Reclaiming Them as Our Own." She holds a BA in Business and Communications and a Master of Divinity degree focused on feminist theology. Her career has spanned human resources, training and development, executive leadership, and since 2009, coaching and spiritual direction.  Ronna's new book Rewriting Eve is available wherever books are sold.  You can learn more at: / FB - @RonnaJDetrick / IG - @ronnadetrick.  


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Co-Host Nasrin Barbic is a Certified Women Empowerment Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and founder of Pathway to Lasting Joy. She helps professional women who know something is off in their relationship or career forge their new path with clarity and confidence and live life without regrets. Learn more here: 

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