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Don’t Settle for Less

Attract your soul-aligned relationship and live your life with more joy and ease

Don’t Settle for Less

Attract your soul-aligned relationship and live your life with more joy and ease

You have your life totally together except for love.

Have you ever wondered why?

Somewhere along the dating experiences, you most likely have picked up baggage that you have yet to put down.

Heartbreaks, jerks, past trauma, and things out of your control that have caused you to create stories, limiting beliefs (sometimes from an early age) and fears. It's time to break out of this frustrating cycle you have been in.

You are ready to have your confidence back.

You are ready for love that is aligned with your Soul desire.

You are ready to get to the bottom of what is keeping you from meeting the partner you actually want to be with!

Let's Do This

Let’s uncover what is taking the joy and fun out of dating.

Remove the doubt, anxiety, & over-thinking.

Let’s figure it all out...then let’s change it.

It's time to do the inner work, and have a breakthrough in love.

It means becoming the woman who knows her worth and will not settle, thus finding the partner who treats her like the Queen she is.


Sheila kept attracting emotionally unavailable men. Working with me, she was able to break her patterns and find the love of her life.

What Can Coaching For Single Women Do For You

I want you to know that being truly happy and fulfilled in love is within your reach. You can feel confident and empowered. Most importantly, you can feel worthy of the love you crave. Just like you succeeded in other attempts, you can succeed in this pursuit.

Another great benefit is that you can enjoy the journey of getting there. You don’t have to do it alone. Just as you need teachers and mentors for other attempts in your life, you can be happy in love if you get the right guidance.

I know it's hard to trust and open yourself up when you've tried everything and nothing worked. I've been there myself. You may not be able to see yourself in a happy relationship right now, but I’m here to cheer you on and help you with guidance. I can help you feel good about yourself, become confident, and ready to receive the love you crave from the right partner.

I'm Ready